Let down update

I was right, Mr Sexy Suit had sat down with a coffee and fallen asleep! He hadn’t even got as far as getting changed. He woke just after midnight, saw his phone and my missed calls and messages, sent me three messages of apology, then had restless remainder of the night  convinced I was going to break up with him.

He called me the following morning at 7am and asked if he could visit on his way to work. I said he could and he apologised again and said he’d make it up to me. I told him it was a good thing he’d brought my present the night before and that it was just a night in with pizza. I could tell he was mortified by his actions and I didn’t want to let past experiences of being let down by Tom affect my judgment.

I told him as much in a text at lunchtime when I felt more able to express my feelings without getting over emotional. I told him I’d got used to being let down by Tom and I don’t want to get used to being let down by anyone else. I said I wasn’t dumping him yet, and I’d give him another chance.


Let down

Things have been going really well with Mr Sexy Suit but his time keeping can be rubbish. Partly because he does so much. He’s always doing things for others, no bad thing, but he crams so much in that something has to give.

Tonight that was me.

He has a high powered job with a fairly long commute. He called last night on his way home with my birthday present so I could have it and use it today if I wanted. He’d got me a Radley handbag, chosen by himself, which I was very impressed with, and he knew I was going out for the day today. He was supposed to be coming round this evening for a pizza and film night. I knew he was working and I’d got James anyway so I was happy with a night in. He messaged me to ask if he should come straight from work or go home first to change. We’re having a heatwave at the moment so I said if he wanted to change into something cooler rather than keep his suit on, that was fine by me. Time was getting on and James was hungry so I put the pizzas in the oven and called him but no answer. I ended up calling him 3 times and messaging that the pizzas were ready but heard nothing. James and I ate our food, watched the film and went to bed. I messaged Mr Sexy Suit saying I assume he’s ok and just sat down and fell asleep when he got home. ( he’s done that before and been late but never completely stood me up)

Not best pleased.


I spent last weekend in London with Mr Sexy Suit. We’d planned it around my next available Saturday off work so I didn’t realise the actual date until it was all booked. Saturday would have been my 16th wedding anniversary! I wondered, when I realised, if Tom would say anything as he knew I was away for the weekend (he had James and the cat staying with him). He didn’t, so I took that as a good sign that we’ve both moved on now.

I thought no more about it until I spoke to my mum on Sunday evening on the telephone. I mentioned it at that point to Mr Sexy Suit as I got a bit emotional. It was strange, I wasn’t bothered about it being my anniversary, more that I’d seen several Facebook posts from married friends reposting one of those statuses about how marriage has to be worked at and it’s easy for some people to throw the towel in. I felt guilty for a moment that I hadn’t worked hard enough at my marriage but then I had an influx of bad memories and just felt overwhelmed that I’m so happy now and just enjoyed a lovely weekend with a man who I have such a connection and chemistry with.

Mr Sexy Suit said he’d listen if I wanted to talk about it, but if I didn’t want to talk then that was fine too.

I can’t remember how I felt on my anniversary last year. Tom and I were going through the divorce and sorting finances so it was a bit difficult. This year though is the first since the divorce went through, so I suppose I was bound to have some sort of reaction to it. Maybe I won’t remember at all next year!

Growing family

87D13728-46C0-4474-B7FD-A2F719EC080FJames and I acquired a new addition to our household on Sunday in the form of a kitten. James has been wanting a cat or dog since before we moved in and we recently started the process by getting in contact with our local cat rescue centre.

He’s settling in well and seems an adventurous type, not phased by anything. He thinks nothing of shooting up my legs, which are now covered in scratches, but has also been snoozing and purring on my lap this evening so he must be feeling at home.

James loves him and says he’s going to train him – to do what exactly I’m not sure, though I’m certain he’ll have fun trying and I think the responsibility of a pet to look after will be good for him.

Sunday dinner

The weekend before last, Mr Sexy Suit came over on Saturday night to watch Eurovision with myself and James and I then asked James on Monday if it would ok for me to invite him to join us for dinner the next Sunday with my brother and his family. He said ‘Yes, I like him, he’s funny. Do you like him mummy?’

I duly cooked a family meal yesterday with James, my brother, sister in law, nephew and Mr Sexy Suit. It was a lovely, relaxed evening and we all got on well together. Mr Sexy Suit finally remembered to get me some more flowers and I now have two vases full. He helped tidy away when my brother had gone whilst I was putting James to bed. It was great having my family round with a partner who was supportive and joined in without feeling any tension at all. A far cry from the complaints I got from Tom whenever I suggested that we have company!

Hospital visiting

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks. Dad fell at home and broke his other hip so he’s been in hospital almost two weeks now. They didn’t replace this one, just pinned it as they said that would be less invasive. He was very down last week as he was frustrated that he wasn’t recovering as quickly as he had in January when he broke the first hip on holiday and had a hip replacement. I visited him this evening though and he was a lot more chatty and positive. He’s been walking about with the aid of a frame and hopes it won’t be long until he gets home.

I’ve been busy at work too as our manager is off with back trouble so I worked an extra day this week. I could have done without it as I seem to have so much to do. I’m behind with my book-keeping for church as well as my own housekeeping, but I’m going for a day out tomorrow with Mr Sexy Suit and overnight stay at the seaside. I’m looking forward to it but feeling a bit annoyed with him tonight. We were having a text conversation and he commented that we hadn’t ‘been naughty’ for a while. I reminded him that we’d had lunchtime ‘fun’ one day last week and he’d stayed at mine on Friday. He then said it seemed ages since I invited him to call on an evening. I politely reminded him that I’ve been busy due to my dad being in hospital. Maybe I should also remind him that my vase has been empty since my Valentine flowers died off!

Enjoying Spring

I had a lovely weekend away with Mr Sexy Suit at the beginning of April. We went to his apartment in the Algarve. The weather wasn’t great, really windy on the Saturday and rained all day on the Sunday, but we had lots of fun and got on well. I met some of his friends on the Sunday who were staying for a longer period. On our return, we called in to visit my parents. He meets with their approval and my dad later said I could invite him to join us all for dinner on Easter Sunday. I declined as he still hadn’t met James at this point and I thought a big family dinner with my brother and his family too would be a bit much just yet, though he is a lovely guy and I am definitely falling for him.

James and I went to Germany the week before Easter, to visit a school friend of mine who lives there. Although James was looking forward to seeing her son, who is a similar age, he didn’t want to go on a plane. He doesn’t like the acceleration when they take off and he was worried it might crash! He’s into playing spy games at the moment so I had an idea that I could set him some sort of mission to distract him. I made a start and then Mr Sexy Suit took over and created a “Top Secret” document giving James his instructions. It was a lovely thing for him to do for me and did succeed in providing some level of distraction for James. He said on our return that the flights weren’t as bad as he expected but he’s never going on another plane!

On Easter Monday I took James to a local park and met up with my brother and nephew. I invited Mr Sexy Suit to join us and he accepted. I thought meeting James somewhere informal would be good, especially as he had his cousin to play with too, so it didn’t make it a big thing. It was a really nice morning and we all enjoyed ice creams together before going home. My brother later told me that he also approves of Mr Sexy Suit and found him really easy to talk to, unlike Tom, as he said you never knew what mood Tom was going to be in. James, for his part, made no comment whatsoever but he seems to be taking everything in his stride. I haven’t asked him about it, as again, I didn’t want to make it a big thing. Just taking one day at a time and enjoying how it’s going.