Trying to change

I’m trying to think of ways to change things up a bit to get out of this rut I feel my marriage is in. I’ve suggested to Tom that now James is at school we let him stay up a bit longer on a Saturday night and have a family film night together. He thinks this is a good idea too, so that’s a start.
Tom has been working away and got back yesterday. He phoned me as I was on the school run to say he would be at the pub so we could join him there then take him home which we duly did. It was a nice afternoon so James enjoyed the playground area. I did feel a bit bad when I just sat down at the table when we arrived and Tom said ‘Don’t I get a hug – not seen you since Sunday’. We’ve been at home together today and had some ‘afternoon delight’. It was short and sweet if not fulfilling, though, bitch that I am, I was wondering what it would be like with Rob. Not that it’s something I’m likely to discover and I suppose it will always be better in a fantasy than real life!
Just in case you were wondering, Rob and I never ‘did the deed’ all those years ago. That’s probably why he dumped me in the first place, in which case if those regrets he spoke of are genuine, then he only has himself to blame. I don’t regret not sleeping with him back then as I wasn’t ready. Trying to keep him out of my head is proving easier said than done.


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