Great Friday Night!

Tom hasn’t had any work this week so he has been to the pub for 7 days in a row at teatime. Not totally bad as on two occasions we had dinner out, but tonight he really annoyed me as I dropped him at the pub on the way back from collecting James from school with an agreed time to collect him. I planned preparing dinner around this and duly set off to collect him only for him to call me and say he wanted to stay another hour! Told him that would mess up dinner so he said he would be ready about 15 minutes after we arrived. Cue a 25 minute wait instead and an increasingly restless child! When we got home James and I ate our dinner while Tom spent half an hour on the phone to a friend, then went to his shed to play his guitar and drink whiskey. I got James bathed and ready for bed then Tom decided he was going to bed at 8.45pm (didn’t surprise me as he was plastered). Rocking Friday night for me then. Woohoo.


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