I don’t like Daddy

Not been a bad weekend until Sunday afternoon. Tom had arranged to meet friends at the pub near their house. They phoned to say they had decided not to go as it was raining and they didn’t want to walk. Tom spit his dummy out saying we wouldn’t go then, which upset James as he was looking forward to seeing our friends’ daughter! I even offered to pick them up after dropping Tom and James off, but Tom refused and went to our local on his own instead in a bad mood. I don’t really like James spending too much time at the pub so it suited me. On the way home after dropping him off, James said “I don’t like Daddy”. I asked him why and he said “because he gets mad and says he’s going to throw my toys out of the window”. (he had indeed threatened to throw a toy out of the window as James was hitting him with it). I explained that nobody likes a person when they’re angry and that I don’t like it when he has a tantrum instead of being a good boy and that’s why we should try not to get angry and shout at other people or hit other people because it’s not nice. Thought that was a good mum moment as I did feel like saying “I don’t like Daddy either”!


One thought on “I don’t like Daddy

  1. When my son was a little guy, not quite two but talking, one night my husband started yelling. I picked up my son and walked out. As I was buckling my son into his carseat, he looked at me and with all the innocence but astute perception of a child, said, “Bad Daddy.”

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