Hot and cold

It’s two weeks since Rob and I started texting again. We had a brief FaceTime chat on Sunday night which was great apart from me regressing to shy teenager and becoming a giggling idiot, how embarrassing! He asked when I would be free to meet up and said he would see if could get Friday (today) off work. Since then he’s been a bit quiet and never mentioned today again. I wonder if he’s been too busy or got cold feet? I haven’t heard from him today and haven’t texted him either. I figure that he knows how I feel and that he’ll come back to me when he can. He did tell me last weekend that he feels the same so maybe he’s just as wary as I am about actually meeting up. I do really want to see him, but I’m scared too. Scared that I might regret it but also that I won’t! Scared I’ll disappoint him and scared that seeing him in person will just make me want him more. I’m contemplating suggesting that we just carry on as we are but try to FaceTime chat more, rather than him keep suggesting we meet up but then not actually commit to a date. He confounds me because he started this after all and this tiptoeing around each other is so frustrating. I only know that the feelings and emotions he has stirred in me are something I haven’t felt in a long time.


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