Same old, same old

Tom went to the doctors on Friday as he’s had a cold and chest infection (read man flu!). He was given antibiotics so told me he wouldn’t be drinking for a week. I was at work Saturday and surprise surprise got a call to say he and James would need picking up from the pub when I’d finished! Hmm, wouldn’t need picking up if you weren’t consuming alcohol! He was in bed soon after James so I had some time to myself!
Sunday was pub again in the afternoon while I made dinner. I asked if he’d decided not to take his antibiotics but he’s taking them and drinking anyway.
He knows things aren’t right between us as this morning he asked if I’m still his friend and told me he loves me to bits. He was on his way to work which was lucky as I had no idea what to say! At the moment I don’t think I love him anymore. How awful is that?


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