Ups and downs

Had words on Friday. Tom was annoyed at me because of the way I apparently spoke to him when he asked what my plans for the day were. I told him I hadn’t realised I’d had a tone to my voice, but I had already told him the previous evening what my plans were, so was repeating myself as is usually the case with anything I have to say! He said he was “drunk last night” and forgets anything I tell him when he’s drunk! I spoke out and said that’s partly why I don’t like him drinking as I have every conversation at least twice. His response “Well, if I get a driving job then I won’t be able to drink as much” (he’s booked in to do an HGV course with a view to a career change) Big sigh! (me inwardly thinking I’ll believe it when I see it) Other than that, it was a reasonable weekend with a family walk on Saturday and a visit to my parents Saturday evening with Tom actually going too.
An up and down weekend then, though I have to say one of my highlights was texting with Rob on Sunday evening. I can’t help myself. Hearing from him brightens up my day; considerably so sometimes.


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