Well, I thought my emotional state over the last few months was mainly down to my “thing” with Rob and feelings about my marriage. Turns out that I might be menopausal too! Periods all over the place literally since my “big” birthday a few months ago. Thank you Mother Nature for your gift. No hot flushes, yet. In fact no other symptoms at all apart from the haywire periods – and not even the usual pain, tender boobs etc there either. Definitely not pregnant, done two tests to be sure! Had a blood test and a scan. Blood test is suggesting I’m in the menopause, the scan was inconclusive – I could possibly have a polyp but it was the wrong time of the month to get a clear view apparently so I’m booked in for another. If that’s clear then it will be a second blood test to double check as I’m “very young to be starting the menopause” according to my GP. Woohoo, bring it on.


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