Haven’t updated about Rob for awhile. We’ve carried on pretty much as before. Had a couple more FaceTime chats, the last one pretty steamy! Let’s just say I wasn’t too shy this time. I really surprise myself when ‘chatting’ with him. It’s like he’s unlocked some wild part of me that’s always been a bit scared to come out but is so enjoying herself now! He makes me so hot but equally so frustrated. Take this last week for example. Thursday afternoon we had a brief texting session where we were both at home and it was great. I would have suggested we FaceTime had I known earlier that he was alone, but didn’t really have time when I realised he was. Our conversation ended with me telling him he turned me on and him replying “Ditto xx” then sending me a rather rude video which I received when I’d set off on the school run. I messaged him back with a naughty text but didn’t hear anything else. Friday I asked if he happened to be home alone again and just got “I’m not” in reply with nothing since.

The sensible part of me knows that he was probably busy at work or just not able to chat for whatever reason, after all I know I’ve left him frustrated on many an occasion. How do I know? Because sometimes, if I can’t reply straight away (usually because Tom is nearby and I do try my best not to be texting then) Rob will message me again with a “XX”, “?”, “where are you?” or even all three. In that respect I can be reasonably strong as if I don’t get a reply, then I leave it for a day or two.

Sometimes, I do wonder what I am doing. I know there is a strong possibility of people getting very hurt, myself included. On the other hand, I enjoy my fun with Rob far too much to stop. I suppose he’s like an addiction to me and I need a regular fix.


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