Bloody pissed off right now. It’s bad enough that we hardly ever have people round to our house, parents included, but now Tom is saying James can’t have his birthday party at home. I was expecting James’s 5th birthday to be a whole class affair being his first year at school, but he requested himself that he wants a party at home. I told him he will only be able to invite 5 friends in total but he’s adamant that’s what he wants. Step forward Tom with various reasons why this can’t happen. Reasons being: our house isn’t big enough (that’s why I said only 5 friends), there won’t be room for all the parents too (I’m sure most will only come with one parent or even just leave the child), I don’t know the parents (well it’s an opportunity to get to know them), I don’t want strangers looking through my stuff (wtf!), the house needs decorating (yes, a concern of mine too, but surely it’s the best time for a kids party at home so it doesn’t matter if they get a bit wild).

It’s times like this that I wonder why didn’t I notice all these social hang-ups before we got married? Was I just blind at the time, or did he put on a good show of pretending? I used to think that once I was married and in my own house I would be having friends and family round on a regular basis and that having a child would mean playdates and parties galore. What a fantasy I was in.


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