Depression dip?

Not sure if Tom is heading into a depression or not, but he’s decided today is his last day in his current line of work. He’s been doing it for 10 years or so but says he hates it and always has done and needs a change. To be fair, it’s lasted a lot longer than his previous jobs as he’s usually had enough after a couple of months! This time he’s been self employed and had lots of short term contracts, so I think, although he’s been doing the same thing day after day, it’s been in different locations and with different people which has helped him sustain it this long. He has got a training course lined up in a couple of weeks which will hopefully lead to employment in a new direction. However, he has said he has enough savings to pay the bills for the next couple of months so he’s not worried!

His last bad depression was about 5 years ago when he spent lots of his time sleeping and not really doing much of anything. A very trying time as James was just coming up to 1 year old and I had just gone back to work after maternity leave. Eventually he went to the GP and they upped his ‘happy pills’ and he was back on an even keel. He’s not been doing much work over the last few weeks and though we have done stuff together, he often has an afternoon nap and usually heads to the pub around teatime. He’s always liked sleeping and drinking though so maybe I’m just noticing it more as we’ve been more at home together lately! Maybe a sleeping episode is better than an angry episode. The angry outbursts are not pleasant. He hasn’t had one for awhile so I keep thinking it’s only a matter of time. Perhaps not working as much has kept him calmer. Who knows. He’s agreed to join James and myself at my parents for a meal on Sunday so we’ll see how that goes.


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