You got in touch, out of the blue
20 years since you said we were through
I tried to fight it, knew I’d get hurt
But your talk of regret really tugged at my heart.

I was married but feeling ignored
Taken for granted and a little bit bored
You woke me up with a flurry of texts
Stirred my passion, I wanted your sex.

I was tempted and feeling so bold
Then it stopped, I was left in the cold.
It’s been weeks since I sent my last text
You didn’t reply, but I’m not one to beg.

You said you loved me and I thought it was true
Now I’m hurting and feeling so blue.
Was it fun for you to play with my heart?
Did you ever care? Why did you start?

It’s for the best that we never met
Might have done stuff I’d live to regret.
Sometimes the past should stay in the past
Must be a reason our love didn’t last.

My husband loves me, of that I’m sure
Though sometimes I feel I could walk out the door
I need to focus on my life day to day
Husband and son not stupid fantasy.


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