New Year Resolutions

My New Year resolutions are an attempt to try to improve things at home.

1. I will not be as much of a pushover and insist on having my parents round more for meals (and in-laws too if they want – I do actually like them). Hubby can either accept this and be social or go and do his own thing.

2. To look for something positive about my husband each day in an effort to combat the constant negative feelings I have towards him at the moment.

3. To seize the day and take the opportunity for happiness. To see my fun with Rob for what it is and enjoy it while it lasts. I know deep down nothing is likely to come of it but I don’t want to give it up.

I know also that number 3 does not necessarily make number 2 easy to achieve but if I keep realistic about it, maybe I can do both.

* Tom did offer to get up with James this morning when he woke at 6am. However, James didn’t want Daddy. The offer was there though so that’s a positive for today!


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