Resolutions so far

I’ve managed to find something positive about Tom each day so far, though today was looking difficult. He phoned to say he’d gone to the pub straight from work and could I pick him up. I duly did and he sat behind me in the car as usual, as James likes whoever isn’t driving to be sitting next to him. He reached his arm over and grabbed my shoulder. I asked what he was doing and he replied “Bollocks to you, I wasn’t doing anything”!? He knows I don’t like being grabbed, massaged or anything like that when I’m driving, especially when it’s dark and he’s drunk. I reminded him of this but he just went into a huff. Was not looking forward to the rest of the evening at all but then he saw the birthday cake I’d made for James’s party at the weekend and said he thought was my best yet. Don’t feel it balances out his earlier outburst but it’s a positive all the same.

I’ve also told Tom I want to have our parents round more and that I’m sick of our house looking a mess. We are planning a new kitchen in the Spring and will hopefully get some more decorating done after that.

Still enjoying my fun with Rob and doing my best to keep it in perspective. Wondered if he was doing the same as he was fairly quiet over Christmas, though he has text me the last three days in a row 🙂


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