Happy Family

Not liked Tom at all today (have still managed a positive in that he took my car to the car wash). I needed to get supplies for James’s birthday party which is tomorrow, and was hoping to go myself. However, Tom’s car needed dropping in at the garage for some minor work, and seeing as it was at the pub from last night, we had to all go out to collect it and deposit it at the garage. We all then went to the shops but Tom and James fell out in the car. Tom wanted the radio on and James didn’t, resulting in James shouting and crying, Tom turning the radio up ever louder, then Tom threatening to hit James if he wasn’t quiet and saying he wasn’t going to attend his son’s party! He dropped us at the shop while he took my car for cleaning. When he picked us up, he was in no better mood and James told him he wanted to kill him. Happy family. Came home and he went for a nap before going out to do some work. Later on I had a couple of friends round to measure up my kitchen – friend is a kitchen fitter – and Tom made a brief appearance declaring he was going to the pub as “I’m an alcoholic and my liver needs booze – pick me up later”.

Duly collected him later and he sat in the front passenger seat instead of next to James, who then asked why he wasn’t sitting next to him. He got the silent treatment from his dad!

He has given James a smack on occasion, (as have I but only as a last resort and only if he has lashed out at me first) and I do worry that he’s too quick to threaten a smack without going through other discipline options first. I don’t believe he really would hit either of us, but I do sometimes think, and feel awful for thinking it, that I want him to hit myself or James as that would be a no-brainer. I’d be gone.


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