Less negative

I’ve been feeling less negative towards Tom over the last week or so. Whether or not that is down to my “noting one positive a day about him” resolution or that I’ve heard from Rob for 6 out of the last 7 days I’m not sure, but I’m keeping it up. There’s a few “watched tv together” and “washed some pots” as well as a “got James ready for school when I was feeling ill” – I have to admit he didn’t offer on that one; I asked for his help and laid it on a bit thick but I had thrown up in the night! It’s rare that I succumb to illness and four years since I last had a sick day from work so a girl has to take advantage when she can!

Having said that, he has annoyed me a bit this afternoon. After cleaning my car for me this morning and washing down the patio, he then went for a nap before going to the pub. I had thought we might have done something all together in the afternoon, but no, I was left entertaining James by myself yet again. We are still doing our family film evening on a Saturday, so maybe he thinks that’s enough time together! James and I are at my parents tomorrow for dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Tom is not joining us. He’s currently snoring on the sofa whilst I’m writing this. Action packed Saturday night in this house!


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