Conflicting emotions

Just when I start thinking my ‘positive comments about Tom resolution’ is working and I feel a glimmer of tenderness towards him, he then does something to annoy me and cancels it right out! He can lose his temper so easily and start raving at the slightest thing. Friday he was trying to order something online. As he’s not the most computer literate person, he went wrong along the way and I just heard a stream of shouting and swearing before he eventually gave up and phoned his order through instead.

I remember when he never used to swear in front of me, or if he did, he would apologise immediately. His friends do still apologise if they swear in my presence, but Tom will just relate a tale which is full of f this and f that and occasionally the c word which I absolutely hate.

We had some ‘afternoon delight’ but not because I felt horny, more that I feel I should at least try to perform wifely duties, especially when we have a child free opportunity, it’s just sex which I could take or leave. Strange when my chatting with Rob turns me on so much, but I can’t transfer that feeling onto sex with my husband. I’d rather pleasure myself, which I have to say I’ve been doing a lot of over the last few months; far more than in a long time. At least I know my libido is still there.


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