A little rant

Sometimes I feel I’m not trying hard enough with Tom, but then days like yesterday happen and I think “no wonder I feel the way I do”. He phoned to say he had finished work early and was on his way home and would arrive just in time for the school run, which actually meant he wanted dropping off at the pub after we collected our son. When he got home I mentioned that I’d invited my parents for a meal a week on Sunday (acting on one of my New Year Resolutions) His response was “well I won’t be looking forward to that” before stating he hoped I was planning the meal for 2pm as then they would be gone by 4pm and he could still go to the pub! I told him that if I do the meal for that time, I will not be taxiing him to and from the pub as I will be having some wine with my meal.
When I collected him later he sat in the front instead of next to James in the back, which James prefers. This was because James had thrown a strop with him on the way to the car from school as Daddy was walking too fast. There followed a lovely journey home with James complaining that Tom wasn’t sitting next to him and Tom saying it was his own fault.
At home I reminded Tom that I might be late home today as I’m working at a different branch to normal which is further afield. He said he thought I’d told work that I would only help there if I could do a shorter day so I was out of the house the same time as usual. I told him that had been the idea, but the journey took me longer than I thought it would when I went last week and as it’s only once a week for around 6 weeks in total I don’t mind. He said he thought it was a permanent arrangement. I got annoyed and told him he never listens properly to me. It was only until they get some new staff and I wasn’t sure how long that would be. I certainly wouldn’t agree to a permanent position there because of the travelling!
After James went to bed, Tom found a film for us to watch but he started snoring half way through it!


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