A sobering thought

My family meal went ok. Tom behaved reasonably well though he did have one outburst over something myself and my parents thought was an over reaction. It did make me wonder what his reaction would be if he ever found out about Rob.

During our meal we were chatting about various topics and my sponsored swim came up in conversation. I’m doing an open water swim in the summer to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society which is a charity supported by my place of work. I mentioned that work would no doubt be arranging for a photo opportunity with me in my wetsuit for some free publicity and Tom went mad. He said he didn’t want anyone taking photos of me in my wetsuit and that I might as well be naked! My Dad said he should be proud of my figure and he would be happy for my Mum to have a wetsuit photo. Tom took me on one side and said he didn’t want blokes seeing my picture in the local paper and commenting to him on my breasts as he would have to punch them and then he would end up in prison and it would be my fault! (I have to say I’m hardly Pamela Anderson in the boob department and a wetsuit flattens them out anyway) He then went on to forbid me to have any such photos taken. That comment was like a red rag to a bull and I am currently of a mind that I will do it anyway.

It was a sobering thought though, as I know he has a short temper and he has scared me on occasion with it. If he did find out about Rob I’m not sure what he would do. I think his first reaction would be to want to find him and punch him. How easy that may be in practice I don’t know. I guess that’s a bonus of Rob not living locally. It does make my whole situation difficult in that I haven’t yet determined how to tell him that I’m not happy in our marriage. I have considered it, but each time I wonder what would I do if he asks if there’s anyone else? I’m not a good liar and whilst physically nothing has happened, I can’t deny that I have feelings for another. Whilst I think I am prepared for such an admission to mean my marriage is over, I wouldn’t wish to be the cause of Rob’s marriage to end if he isn’t in the same frame of mind.

Tom is now at the pub recovering from the trauma of having to be sociable for a couple of hours like a normal person.


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