Fallen to temptation

I thought I was being strong, even though Rob is always on my mind, I wasn’t going to contact him. Then he texted me; “I really hope you’re well. Tried to shut you out. But I miss you far too much. X”

It took me completely by surprise as I really didn’t expect to hear from him again, even though there was a part of me that hoped I would. I’m sorry to say I deliberated for all of five minutes then replied that I miss him too.

Feel free to tell me I’m a fool; weak; helpless; only hurting myself in the long run. I’ve told myself all that but it absolutely made my day to hear from him and to think that he’s maybe as addicted to me as I am to him. This was a couple of weeks ago and we have kept in touch since. I’m a lost cause.


5 thoughts on “Fallen to temptation

  1. I think he’s benched you, Darling. He disappears for long stretches of time, and messages you when his ego needs a boost. He had zero intention of being anything real or serious to you. And because of how he makes you feel, you’re more grateful that he’s contacting you than pissed that he ghosted to begin with. You deserve better, and you deserve real. He isn’t either and he definitely doesn’t deserve you.

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  2. I feel your pain but remember why you chose to end things!

    As much as we think the grass is greener on the other side the reality is very different.

    Having been in your shoes I’m in agreement with Fuzzball.

    If things were that great between you he wouldn’t be treating you like a door mat, once a player, always a player, you deserve more!

    I’m afraid men like Rob have a lot of growing up to do, where does he get off playing with your emotions, it makes me so angry for you.

    I really know how you feel, just the thought of my ex contacting me would be amazing but you have to ask yourself is the heartache worth it!

    You may have wonderful memories spinning around your head but ask yourself if they were that good why did it end!

    You seem to be committed to starting afresh, please don’t give up. If I were you I’d delete his number, pictures and any form ofor contact, sometimes going cold turkey may hurt for a while but it does give you something else to focus on!

    Good luck, and remember you’re not alone x

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      1. I know it’s hard to let go, I’m also living in your shoes:(

        Despite the pain he’s caused, there’s not a day gone by that I don’t think of him, I too wish he’d come back. It’s been 2 month’s now, deep down I’ll know he’s gone but my heart tells me otherwise:(

        Just like you we were never physical but in some respects the emotional connection is far worse, you become addicted.

        I think we both need to see that toxic relationships are just that. Remember the pain he’s caused and his bad points, hopefully it’ll be enough to ease the longing for his company.

        Stay strong honey, we have to find a way out of this!

        Thinking of you:)

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