First counselling session

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting from my first counselling session. I was certainly very apprehensive about going. The lady seemed nice, very nondescript which doesn’t sound nice, but I think nondescript probably makes for a good counsellor.

She asked me about how Tom and I met, what sort of things we do/did together. We discussed my family dynamics and drew up a visual chart of parents, siblings, children, in-laws, then looked at close relationships and conflicting relationships with the whole family. It upset me a lot to realise that though I didn’t have any conflicting relationships, the only close relationship I feel I have is with my son. I did say that I felt close to my best friend though, so I guess I have someone I can talk to.
I took the chart home and showed Tom. He thought I’d got it pretty spot on.

Holiday tomorrow. Hope it refreshes and relaxes me if nothing else.


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