Naive or genuine?

Two nights ago Rob and I had a two hour text conversation which became a bit of a heart to heart. I’ve kept thinking that his quiet episodes have been due to him feeling conflicted about what we’re doing and I’m now more inclined than ever to believe this. He asked if I wanted a one off or more and if we were leaving our spouses. I told him I think I want more and asked if he felt the same. He said he does. Last night we chatted again and I asked him if this is what he wanted to happen when he got in touch with me. He said it was, though he didn’t think I would too. I asked if he’d done anything like this before and he said not. We still haven’t yet arranged to meet in person, which I think we really need to do. I don’t think it will be possible for the next few weeks as it’s the school holidays meaning we’re both pretty busy, but hopefully it will happen eventually.
Maybe I’m being naive or wanting too much, but I do think he is being genuine or at least I believe he means it when he says he loves me, even if it is just in those moments.


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